About Unitours
Unitours is an international tour operator in continuous operation and under the same management since 1957. Headquartered in Purchase, NY, USA, we maintain our offices and staffs in Tel Aviv; Lucerne; London and Athens plus a large experienced staff in the United States.
As specialist in Catholic group travel, we are uniquely qualified to provide you and your group with a wonderful pilgrimage to Europe, the Middle East or Mexico.
While our prices are competitive because of the buying power of our worldwide network and generous discounts extended by our preferred air carriers, we do not offer "bare bones" bargain tours. We have learned that North American pilgrims expect a certain quality, attention to detail and service when they travel. Thus, we offer a higher quality pilgrimage. Unitours’ prices are all inclusive and any extra are clearly detailed on our brochures. You and your pilgrims, will not experience unexpected extras and options when you travel with us, as we hate surprises as much as you do!
As a pilgrimage host your pilgrims depend upon you to choose a pilgrimage that offers high quality and attention to detail. If you plan to offer future pilgrimages to your group, you are well advised to trust Unitours’ over five eliminate years of experience.